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Since our founding in 1988, Color Services has collaborated with a wide range of artists, institutions, collectors and galleries. Working both digitally and optically we can produce virtually any project you can envision, from initial proofing to complete exhibition fabrication. In the transition to digital we chose to retain all of our traditional analog infrastructure; as a result we are able to offer the ability to work either way. Your imaging decisions can be based on the process most appropriate for your work. We are small enough to get to know you and understand your requirements, yet large enough to be able to produce virtually anything you can conceive.

If you are in need of critical film processing (E6, C41, B&W), handmade color or B&W prints, pigment prints, folio production and publication, museum quality mounting and framing and conservation consulting as well as a wide range of traditional and digital lab services please keep us in mind.

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Color Services
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Rachel Perry Welty
Lost in My Life (Tin Foil)